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Is language an overwhelming barrier to experiencing a show, a concert or an exhibition? Sometimes, of course, a beginner's French can be an obstacle on the journey to cultural attractions. But Geneva is an international city, a city that hums and rustles with countless languages. And the artists, as well as the institutions and associations dedicated to the arts, are committed to welcoming all audiences.

This newsletter contains artistic and cultural proposals accessible to everyone, irrespective of their origins, culture and therefore of their language.

Once a month, you will find an overview of activities to allow you to discover the cultural Geneva, to rub shoulders with people from all walks of life around an artistic encounter, to experience emotions and to nourish your thoughts.

I wish you a beautiful and cultural year in 2022!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Sami Kanaan

Executive Council Member in charge of the Department of Culture and Digital Transition



We're inspired

Geneva Lux Festival

Open air exhibition - Contemporary light works of art  

The Geneva Lux festival presents works of art made of light in various forms, created and staged specifically for Geneva by Swiss and international artists. This year’s luminous creations are concentrated around the “Rade” (bay) and depict interactions between the natural elements. The new luminous works of art use surrounding nature as an ally and invite us to rethink our relationship with it. To discover the artists and technologies behind the scenes, Geneva Lux festival guided tours will be organised in English on the 4th and 5th of February. Several live performances are scheduled as well.

All audiences

Feeling inspired

Various locations  | Until 6 February 

©  Rémy Gindroz - Les Colosses by Louxor Spectacle (Mt-Blanc bridge) 


Antigel Festival
© Festival Antigel

Antigel blows a fuse

Drums & smashing performance by Antigel Festival 

How about celebrating the drums by letting off steam on doom metal before smashing up a car? A sacrificial ritual where you’ll celebrate the beat in ‘rage room’ mode.

At the Service Cantonal des Véhicules in Carouge, people usually service cars or patiently learn to drive them. This time, in one of the depots, Antigel will clang together everything you wouldn’t imagine in such a place: scrunching metal, edgy bodies, and feverish heavy tempos as if to summon the storm and the crumpling of metal sheets that are mistreated as in J.G. Ballard’s Crash, but with the added humour, smoke and leaden groove!

Ages 16+


Bureau des Autos, Cantonal Vehicles Office | 5 February 

Anna B Savage, Antigel
© Anna B Savage, Antigel

Anna B Savage - UK

Live concert by Antigel Festival 

Anna B Savage’s songs and incandescently sensitive voice take off with surges of emotion, turning the skies into abysses. Lyricism becomes intimate, screams are whispered, whispers are hollered. Her guitar scratches and scrapes the stories of biased love(s) and limping romances within.

Ages 14+


Casino-Théâtre | 8 February 

Bel Canto recital and more Pretty Yende
© Pretty Yende, GTG

Pretty Yende, soprano

Bel Canto recital and more

After the resounding success of her 2021 live-stream recital, we hope that this time will be the right one and that the young belcantist will be able to be seen in person by her ever more enthusiastic and numerous fans. There will be much more than just bel canto…Pretty Yende, whose voice is said to reach the stars, is one of the too rare African classical opera singers and has a few surprises up her sleeve, that might get toes tapping and fingers clicking!

Ages 14+


Grand Théâtre de Genève | 10 February 

Estelle Revaz's cello celebrates Geneva through exquisite pieces by local composers Frank Martin and Xavier Dayer

Ecstasy Sketches by estelle revaz - cello

Directed by Arie van Beek, OCG - L'Orchestre de Chambre de Genève

Estelle Revaz's cello celebrates Geneva through exquisite pieces by local composers Frank Martin and Xavier Dayer.


Ages 14+


Victoria Hall | 11 February 

Joel Culpepper - UK
© Joel Culpepper, Antigel 

Joel Culpepper - UK 

Soul live concert by Antigel Festival 

The London native’s groove springs from a cosmic street, his city, his village, his Motown. In a few notes, a couple of breaths, his funk loads your nerves with amphetamines, your muscles go wild with his Kool and the Gang sound, his whispered feline and militant lyrics as if accompanying the images of a contemporary blaxploitation. Culpepper is the hot blood and the eternal return of an exhilarating form of soul music.


Ages 14+


L'Usine | 12 February 

Geneva and Greece - Friendship in the service of Independence

Geneva and Greece - friendship in the service of independence 

Temporary Exhibition 

A Greek, Jean Capodistrias, and two Genevans, Charles Pictet de Rochemont and Jean Gabriel Eynard, played a key role in the integration of Geneva into the Helvetic Confederation and the independence of Greece. This exhibition highlights the collection of the MAH as well as those of Geneva institutions and Swiss museums; it also benefits from important loans from Greece as well as from private collectors.

Multimedia tools available in English. It is recommended to take personal headphones to be connected to your phone or tablet. Watch the video guide on MAH’s Youtube channel.


All audiences


Art & History Museum | Extension until 13 February 

Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement - BIM’21
© Quentin Touya - Centre d'Art Contemporain

A Goodbye letter, a love call, a wake-up song

Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement - BIM'21

The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is pleased to present the Biennial BIM’21, co-curated by the collaborative DIS and Centre’s director, Andrea Bellini. As one of the most interesting curatorial collectives active in the art world today, DIS has already produced exhibitions that have marked our era. This edition of BIM is organised around the 

“artistic and cultural imaginary” of the New York collective and conceived as a radical “pilot season”—a collective effort to interrupt regular programming and find an exit from our human-centered, capitalist death drive.


In the Words section of the 5th floor, the Centre proposes an exhibition audioguide, as well as a new podcast in which artists and writers talk about their methodology. The first episode with Nora N. Khan is already online.


All audiences 


Centre d'Art Contemporain | Until 20 February 

Chopin mazurkas, sonates and fantaisies
© Victoria Hall

Ivo Pogorelich - piano

Chopin mazurkas, sonates and fantaisies

Highest aesthetic values, unique virtuosity and total technical mastery are just some of the qualities that define Ivo Pogorelich. He has broadened the horizons of interpretation and understanding of the piano repertoire, setting new standards in piano art. His concerts have acquired the status of cult events, one of which the Victoria Hall is honoured to offer the Geneva amateurs and Chopin lovers.


Ages 14+


Victoria Hall | 24 February 

The Missing Door, The Lost Room and The Hidden Floor
© Maarten Vanden Abeele, Comédie de Genève

the missing door, the lost room and the hidden floor

Dance, theatre / Belgium - Directed by Peeping Tom

The choreographic duo from Flemish company Peeping Tom immerses us into the mental hell of a triple huis-clos: The Missing Door, The Lost Room and The Hidden Floor. Each part in the trilogy takes us to a new dreamlike setting, similar to a film set: a corridor with multiple doors opening onto nothingness, an unstable boat cabin, a disused restaurant where nature is taking over. The sets, alive like quicksand, suck in and eject unbalanced bodies, offered to the transport of animal dances, almost surreal in their prowess.

The more the characters caught in this illusory dimension try to escape it, the more reality slips through their fingers.

Ages 18+


Comédie de Genève | 24-26 February 

Acoustics history & sound physics temporary exhibition

Listen and see

Acoustics history & sound physics temporary exhibition

“Listen… do you see it?” Sounds surround us, they are part of our daily lives. But what exactly is a sound? Come find out all about this branch of physics and the wonderful world of sound waves thanks to emblematic instruments of experimental acoustics from the 19th century. This interactive temporary exhibition appeals to all audiences, especially curious children (from 6 years old) and families. English texts are available online and throughout the exhibition installations.

Ages 6+


Museum of Sciences History  | Until 27 February 

Vermeer, reflect on a dream
© Vanessa Legauffre Younossian

Vermeer, reflect on a dream 

360° immersive show

Inspired by the works of famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, this unique visual and sound experience immerses us completely in the universe of the painter in a huge cistern equipped with a visual projection system on all its walls, including on the ceiling. All our senses awaken and will have a total change of universe, the time of a dream or a trip from which it will be difficult getting out …


All audiences 


Jardin des Nations | Until 27 February

Dong Son Art, Southeast Asia
© Musée Barbier-Mueller

Dong son art, southeast asia

Temporary Exhibition of Barbier-Mueller private collections 

Discover the most important known assemblage of Dong Son art outside Vietnam. Prestigious and sacred objects, weapons and adornments bear witness to a culture that takes its name from the village of Dong Son in the province of Thanh Hoa, in the north of present-day Vietnam, where many archeological remains have been unearthed.


Ages 6+


Musée Barbier-Mueller | Until 28 February

Geneva Reminiscences: 170 years of history
© Patrick Jacquet: Geneva Machine bridge 1841-1862

GENEVA Reminiscences: 170 years of history

Temporary photographs exhibition by Patrick Jacquet 

Passionate about history, Patrick Jacquet merges the very first photographs of Geneva (1850-1870) with current views taken in the same places. The Geneva of 170 years ago, enclosed in its fortifications, is mixed with that of today in each image, making the city appear as we have never seen it before. Explore also his other collection online, which depicts the United Nations history in Geneva from 1932 until today.

All audiences 

Time Travel

St Jean Municipal library and online | Until 3 March

The City of Geneva’s Cultural and Numeric Transition team wishes you and your family a Happy and Healthy Year 2022!

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