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The sanitary measures having been lifted, the Cultural and Numeric Transition team as well as the institutions and cultural actors of the City of Geneva are very happy to freely welcome all of you again!



March 2022


Show on Artificial Intelligence by Simon Senn & Tammara Leites   

Watch how AI dSimon disrupts the relation between Tammara Leites, who trained “it” to become a writer, and artist Simon Senn, whose personal data “it” integrated. Tammara even gave “it” Simon’s traits. But the AI progressively began to behave in an odd manner… You will be able to ask “it” questions and surely be surprised by its responses.

Ages 14 +


Le Grütli  | 2 & 4 March 

©  Mathilda Olmi 



20th fifdh

International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights 

One of the leading international events dedicated to film and human rights, for the past 20 years the FIFDH has taken place in Geneva, the human rights capital, parallel to the annual main session of the UN Human Rights Council. In addition to the main debates at its core and center, the Festival’s very rich programme also offers screenings and exhibitions in a variety of languages at the UN, in museums, community centres, sports associations, migrants’ shelters, hospitals and local prisons throughout the Grand Genève. 

Ages 16+

Human rights

80 different venues | 4 to 13 March 

DRAWINGS | 50 years of Médecins sans Frontières
© Médecins Sans frontières

DRAWINGS | 50 years of Médecins sans frontières

Drawings exhibition 

For the fiftieth anniversary of MSF, and thanks to the numerous collaborations with Fumetto and BDFIL, a dozen Swiss and international artists have gathered to celebrate and portray a certain ground reality to civil society in comic book form. On this occasion, each artist presents his or her vision of MSF and the challenges of graphic commitment.

Ages 12+


Espace Pitoëff | 4 to 13 March  

Zoo Project
© Zoo Project

zoo project - fifdh

Street Art Exhibition

Bilal Berreni, alias Zoo Project, was a street artist searching for freedom. He expressed himself with spontaneity and determination without speech and any censorship. As part of the 20th FIFDH - International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights - there are two exhibitions presenting drawings, texts and photographs of his multiple works in raw and expressive styles.


Ages 12+

Engaged Art

Espace Pitoëff | 4 to 13 March

Ensemble Kelly Thoma - Musiki Festival

Ensemble kelly thoma - musiki festival 

Charm of the Cretan Lyra 

A musical journey through Mediterranean time and space, based on the Cretan lyra, by one of its most inspired ambassadors: Kelly Thoma. Guided by the thread of time, like a modern Ariadne in her musical labyrinth, she explores a universe where the sounds of the past meet those of the present. The Arab and Byzantine origins of the lyra, mixed with Venetian influences, give it an air of wandering and hybridity. 


All audiences 


Alhambra | 5 March

© 2b Company 


Dance and instrumental quatuor 

Three little dots, like three dance steps. And a galaxy arises... Did you know that the Romantics used suspension points to indicate an emotion that could not be expressed in words? Something of the order of grace, like that which inhabits Samantha van Wissen, alone on stage to re-enact the story of the most emblematic of ballets, Giselle, an absolute classic with its long white tutus, its cursed love affairs and its Fantasy second part. 


Ages 14+


Théâtre Saint-Gervais | 9 to 12 March 

Buster Keaton
© Pascal Gély

Buster keaton 

Cinema, acrobatics and theater  

Take a plunge into New York’s early 1900’s thanks to the new Am Stram Gram show, where theater craftsmanship reinvents the magic of silent cinema. The landscapes pass by and we follow a boy named Buster, which means "spectacular fall". He can do everything: juggle balls, bicycle handlebars, play the piano with his feet. Above all, he knows how to fall without getting hurt, to waltz through the air like a duffel bag.

Ages 10+


Théâtre Am Stram Gram | 11 to 13 March

Hit the Road - FIFDH

Hit the road - fifdh

Film (fiction) by Panah Panahi

A wildly endearing family drives through the mountains of northern Iran on a journey filled with pop songs, bickering and laughter. The tension becomes palpable as the miles go by: this journey has a particular goal. A true Cannes sensation, Panah Panahi's debut film shifts between suspense, humour, love and poetry through sumptuous natural settings. He demonstrates extraordinary mastery of dramatic tension.


Ages 16+ 

Road trip

The Grütli | 4 and 9 March

© Company Polyglots


Improv show

Il n’y a no script. Sur scène, nobody ne sait what will se passer. Vous suggest les themes and la comedy prend vie right sous vos yeux. Watch us make stuff up – en plusieurs langues. You’ll laugh, nous allons rire, the world will be a slightly better place, et le monde deviendra meilleur.





Ages 14+


Théâtre Le Caveau | 12 March 

Double Murder

Double Murder

Choreography and music by the Hofesh Shechter Company

A thrilling new double bill by internationally celebrated choreographer Hofesh Shechter, will present two distinctly contrasting pieces for our times. Firstly with Clowns, a sarcastic nod to our ever-growing indifference to violence. Followed by The Fix, Shechter’s new creation which brings a tender, fragile energy to the stage. Violence, tenderness and hope are all laid bare through Shechter’s achingly beautiful, cinematic lens.

Ages 13+


Bâtiment des Forces Motrices | 17 to 20 March

Du bout des doigts
© Julien Lambert

Du bout des doigts 

Dance and cinema - Language without words

Literally danced “with the fingertips”, this show travels through a history of humanity intimately linked to the history of art. Filmed live in miniature sets and projected onto a large screen, Gabriella Iacono and Grégory Grosjean use their fingers and their bodies to reinterpret emblematic works or dance styles of the 20th century, which echo episodes in history. 

Ages 10+


Comédie de Genève | 23 - 27 March

The Cat by Philippe Geluck
© Iva Kostadinova

The cat by philippe geluck 

Bronze sculptures outdoors exhibition

You can stroll along the lake and admire 2 meters high “Le Chat” bronze sculptures by Philippe Geluck. Some are engaged for the environment, others are funny, all 20 statues are monumental, intriguing and entertaining for all ages to admire on the quai Wilson. 




All audiences 


Quai Wilson | Until 24 April

Draw your own conclusion
© Iva Kostadinova

Draw your own conclusion

Temporary exhibition 

Jean-Hubert Martin, great art historian and museum figure, dove into the MAH’s archives to take us on a uniquely graphic excursion. More than five hundred pieces encourage us to observe, feel and take in the shared treasures and fascinating diversity of the MAH collection. 



All audiences


Museum of Art and History | Until 19 June

Pure Gignoux!
© Dany Gignoux

pure gignoux!

Exhibition of photographs 

Discover some of the greatest music legends: Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Turner, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Miles Davis… just to mention a few. This exhibition of Dany Gignoux contrasted black and white photographs takes us backstage to the most memorable Montreux Jazz or Paléo festivals and reveals glimpses of the stars’ intimacy.

All audiences 


Bibliothèque de Genève | Until 2 July


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