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A night at the opera

Experience a different night at the opera, featuring an aperitif in the company of fellow theatregoers. An opportunity to discover and discuss music through anecdotes and storytelling. The perfect complement to the carefully selected productions on show!


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November 21 | Grand Théâtre de Genève

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Escalade 2019

History and tradition take the streets

Do not miss the activities around Geneva’s most iconic time of year: the historic Escalade, featuring street parades, a run across the Old Town, and of course, the ever-present chocolate marmite…




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From November 29 | Various Location

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Maria Grand
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All that Jazz

A homecoming for Maria Grand

Aged 18, Maria Grand left Geneva for New York City to learn the art of musical improvisation with the great African-American masters, patiently crafting a rich musical personality for herself, which today shines in her album, Magdalena. A masterpiece by an artist coming of age!







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November 8 | AMR

Les Nuits du monde

Les Nuits du Monde

A News festival

The new Les Nuits du Monde festival offers a wide range of concerts, lectures and meetings with contemporary local and international artists. From the vocals from the Xhosa arc of South Africa to the delicate yodel of the Andean baguala, from the harmonic sounds from Mongolia to the sonorous illusions of the Sardinian choruses, through ornamental baroque of the North Indian khayal and the 17th century to the tahrir from Persia, ADEM brings you two weeks to discover music from around the world!


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8-17 November | Alhambra and Temple St-Gervais 

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Arrêt sur affiches
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Red Cross poster collection

Worth more than 1,000 words

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum puts its rich and extensive collection of posters on show. With a collection of more than 10,000 items, some dating back to 1866, this exhibition is sure to inspire and awaken the idealist in all of us.


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Until January 26 | CICR Museum

Guerre et paix
© Fondation Martin Bodmer

Fondation Martin Bodmer

Give peace a chance

This exhibition, commissioned in partnership with the UN and the Red Cross, draws visitors to the contradictions and realities of war and peace, through literary works, propaganda materials, engravings, and much more, based on three larger themes: the genesis of war, the destruction perpetrated and the desire for peace. An exhibition to experience and reflect upon.




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Until March 1 | Fondation Martin Bodmer

We're inspired
© makaronic

Poetry and performance

Makaronic celebrates its 10th edition

For its edition of “poetry in motion”, the association makaronic invites artists to embody the tension between two keyboard keys: ctrl+esc. The programme uses performance, music, dance and literature to explore the nature of contemporary control, in partnership with the Activités culturelles and the Semaine des droits humains of the University of Geneva.


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November 21 | Usine Kugler


Dance - ADC

Contemporary dance

Marlene Monteiro Freitas’ work is a grotesque ball of mechanical puppets and petrified figures, calling back to Alain Resnais, Chris Marker and Ghislain Cloquet’s Statues Also Die. Tickets range from CHF 8 to CHF 20.





All Audiences - 16+

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November 28-30 | Salle des Eaux-Vives

Couleur café
© Alhambra


Fresh and traditional sounds at Alhambra

Opening its doors at 20h to the sounds of Saidou Abatcha from Cameroon and following at 22h with Kora Jazz trio all the way from Senegal, come experience jazz embued by traditional sounds…




All Audiences - 16+

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November 29 | Alhambra
Fondation Baur
© Marian Gérard et Pedro Neto

Opposites attract

Of Clay and Silk

Contemporary creators Marie-Laure Guerrier and In-Sook Son were brought together for a period of several months, in an unprecedented encounter of ceramics and textiles: Of Clay and Silk. An unlikely meeting that led to a fascinating collision of opposite extremes.


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Until January 2020 | Fondation Baur

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