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The newsletter In Geneva In English presents cultural activities that can be enjoyed by English-speakers without any knowledge of French.

March 2017, issue #39


Visites guidées!

Guided Tours by Nicolas Righetti

This photographic project reveals what happens when visitors come face to face with the naturalized animals of the Museum.

Until 15 May 2017

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International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights

With its concept «A film, A subject, A debate», the FIFDH aims to underline human rights violations through films and debates, in the presence of filmmakers, human rights defenders, politicians and recognized specialists. Its programme is designed to increase public awareness and inspire people to reinforce their commitment to universal values.

10-19 March 2017

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Le bal des voleurs

Théâtre de Carouge
One summer in Vichy, a spa town. Peterbono, Hector and Gustave, three stooges who earn their living as pickpockets, use all kinds of scenario to rob rich clients of the spa and to seduce young ladies who are thoroughly bored. But they are taken in by their own wiles and are invited to the luxurious home of Lady Hurf and her nieces. On the evening of the Robbers’ ball, the very last robbery is being set up, when suddenly…

With English surtitles on March 10th, 11th and 15th

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Persian Notes Festival

The musical culture of Iran is one of the most beautiful and refined of the East.  Song, as well as instrumental music, is based on the vast traditional repertoire called radif, which serves as an anchor and reference point for all forms of creation, including the inspiration of the great soloists.

15-18 March 2017

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AMR Jazz Festival

The AMR Jazz Festival proposes six evenings with two concerts each: a group representing the best local vintage in the first part, followed by renowned international musicians.

21-26 March 2017

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