July & August 2022 in Geneva


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Musiques en été
© Marcio Toledo
Musiques en été
Summer musical festival
Throughout July and August, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the Musiques en été festival will showcase classical, contemporary, techno, folk, hip hop, pop, electro and jazz concerts on the Ella Fitzgerald stage. The surrounding park La Grange offers a lush green venue to experience al fresco a range of sounds, rhythms, songs and melodies hailing from different eras and cultures. The City of Geneva sponsors free access to all concerts.
All audiences, depending on type and hours
Parc la Grange, Ella Fitzgerald scene - 1 July until 26 August
Summer Sounds


From Park to Park with the Municipal Libraries
© Bibliothèques municipales
From Park to Park with the Municipal Libraries
Temporary multidisciplinary exhibition
The 2022 theme of Geneva’s municipal libraries "Pop cultures" is approached with multilingual readings, offbeat performances, workshops in engraving, microcomputers, singing or sound recording, concerts, bucolic and musical walks, and even an introduction to the circus. In the Bois de la Bâtie from 6 to 17 July and then in Geisendorf park from 20 to 31, the Geneva librarians and their multiple partners will welcome us with a wide array of cultural activities.
All Audiences

Bois de la Bâtie - 6 to 17 July 

Parc Geisendorf - 20 to 31 July

Multilingual Activities
Bastions Festival
© Le Kiosque des Bastions

Bastions Festival


A festival that celebrates classical music
The third edition of the Festival des Bastions will take place between June and August 2022. All the concerts of this music festival in Geneva are free of charge and organised under the artistic direction of Fabrizio von Arx. These concerts take place in an intimate setting of the beautifully refurbished Kiosque des Bastions in the heart of the Parc des Bastions. The different performances are intended for the inhabitants of Geneva as well as for tourists who are interested in music, whether they are initiates or neophytes.
Parc des Bastions - 6 and 12 July, 23 and 31 August
Mixing Genres
Botanists’ cultural trail
© Eddy Mottaz
Botanists’ cultural trail
Guided walk from Maison Tavel to the Botanical gardens

Linger in the shade of some remarkable trees and enjoy listening to local botanical anecdotes, all in the off-the-beaten-track style that characterises the Cultural Trails

The “Botany” Cultural Trail recalls the significant discoveries of distinguished naturalists, who helped build Geneva’s international reputation as a center for botanical sciences, and guides you through the public spaces dedicated to the study of plants in the city. 
All audiences
From Maison Tavel in the Old Town to the Geneva Botanical Gardens - Online podcasts
Natural Treasures
Village of Cultures
Village of Cultures
Musical activities based on world music, songs and dance
Three days of activities for the general public around music, songs and dance from around the world: for its first edition, the Village of Cultures will take place from 8 to 10 July in a unique location surrounded by nature and accessible by public transport in Geneva. An exceptional ecosystem that encourages musical learning and enriches social ties. Organised by the Ethnomusicology workshops (ADEM). 
All audiences
Mamajah Gardens, Bernex (GE) - 8 - 10 July 2022
World Cultures
Senny Camara
© Senny Camara

Senny Camara


West African song & kora

At the crossroads of strings and worlds, Senny Camara is a free and rebellious woman, who displays a communicative energy on stage!

Her first ep Boolo, unity in Wolof, is a real musical patchwork, an assembly of scattered elements where blues, folk and traditional music are mixed. Curious and collective, Senny Camara's music honors of course the majesty of the kora, but it also invites the strings of a Celtic harp, a Brazilian cavaquinho or a Lithuanian kankles, all of which have come to enrich her instrumentarium.
All audiences
Théâtre de l’Orangerie- 9 July 
World Strings
Nuit de la Science (Science Night) & Cyanometer

© Ville de Genève

Nuit de la Science & Cyanometer
“And yet…”

And yet it's spinning! With a nod to Galileo, the thirteenth edition of the Night of Science invites the public to come and do science together. Let's go and discover what is counter-intuitive, hidden, strange or surprising… The science stands are waiting for you to discuss, exchange or question scientists and science enthusiasts directly. Numerous demonstrations, scientific shows, games and exhibitions offer wonder and food for thought. Whether you're strolling or running, come and pick up knowledge, enjoy presentations, dream in front of strange instruments and share curiosities. There is something for everyone, young and old. The Night of Science is a precious moment of human, intellectual and creative encounters in the open air.

All audiences

Perle du Lac park, Science History Museum, Chimiscope…

9 July 2PM until late at night & 10 July 12 to 7PM

Presentation in English of the Cyanometer - 9 July 8PM

Surprising Nights
Art Truck #003
© Thomas Maisonnasse
Art Truck #003
Contemporary art exhibition by FMAC

The selection of some fifty works by forty artists echoes their questions - and the commission the group wrote in the form of a recipe.

The exhibition can be discovered as you wander around the neighbourhood, repairing your bike or buying your bread - or at various meetings proposed by the residents or the FMAC team. It will thus be possible to warm up one's imagination in front of the works thanks to a storytelling tour or to make links between the rich history of the district and the works during a historical guided tour.
EcoQuartier de la Jonction - Until 15 July
Everyday Art
© 2022 - CinéTransat

Open Air Film Screenings


CinéTransat is free film screenings under the stars in one of Geneva's most beautiful locations, with giant karaoke bars where the whole crowd sings together, themed evenings, and short films as pre-programs. CinéTransat meets social and cultural objectives to offer free access to the magic of cinema for all. All movies are in their original language with French subtitles. From Ferris Bueller Day Off to Free Willy, Yes Man and Mary Queen of Scotts, the English-speakers will enjoy lying on the grass to watch these classicals. The programme also includes German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian movies.

7+ depending on the movie rating

Parc de la Perle du Lac - 14 July - 21 August
More than Movies
OSR festival at Genève Plage
OSR festival at Genève Plage
An unmissable series of sunset concerts on the shores!

The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande invites you to sample the magical atmosphere of Genève-Plage in its 90th anniversary year!

Dive into the classics with Brahms or a concerto for Tuba, enjoy a silent film screening with live orchestra, or with the lake lapping your feet, relax into an evening of jazz as the sun sets behind the Jura.  


Genève Plage - 18, 19, 20 August - 8:45PM
Melody Beach
Open House
© Matti Suuronen

Open House


Outdoors exhibition on habitat forms

Whether flexible, mobile or utopian, a habitat has a form and a function that responds to numerous criteria, needs, lifestyles or desires. OPEN HOUSE presents a wide spectrum of original objects to challenge our habits and prejudices and thus feed our imagination. Conceived and directed by Simon Lamunière, former curator of Art Unlimited in Basel and specialist in large-scale art in public space.

There will be 3 visits by night, followed by fireflies observation and DJ beach party in July on the 13th, 21st and 28th.
All audiences
Parc Lullin, Genthod - 

Every day until 28 August, guided tours on Saturdays

Habitat Experiments
Dark Lights
© Yves de Loutan
Dark Lights
Visual arts and scientific research exhibition

For the eye, a marvel. For science, an anthology to draw from. Combining art and science, this treasure brings together an exceptional collection of ink drawings which, with a learned and inspired pen, depict the rooting systems of plants from Central Europe, Mongolia, Namibia... These plants were chosen for their invisible part and reveal one by one the immense multiform genius of the underground world and creativity of the plant system. Vertical, horizontal and lateral vanishing points, the botanical reproduction becomes a window to this secret and exclusive world that makes possible the life of plants as well as ours.

Théâtre de l’Orangerie - Until 4 September 
Underground Blasts

Rare Japanese prints


In its literal translation, surimono means printed work and designates luxuriously worked sheets offered at meetings, festivals, or intended to mark a special occasion. Their small print run and the sumptuous printing technique make them particularly valuable objects. The MAH is fortunate to have a rich collection of large-format pieces produced in Kyoto and Osaka, which are specifically designed to represent the living arts (Kabuki, Noh, Bunraku, Shamisen). The "Surimono" exhibition shows the complexity of Japanese culture through poetry, calligraphy but also the representation of celebrations, the seasons... 
Museum of art & History - Until 21 August 
Japanese Treasures
Biennale de Genève - Sculpture Garden
© Baptiste Janin
Biennale de Genève - Sculpture Garden
Open air contemporary art exhibition
Initiated by artgenève and realised with MAMCO and the City of Geneva, the third edition of the Sculpture Garden Biennial will gather 26 artists' projects. Follow the journey from sculpture to sculpture, from the Parc des Eaux-Vives to the Parc La Grange, also joining the new Eaux-Vives beach. Guided tours are offered on 24 July and 28 August to discover the variety of these artistic proposals, which go beyond the strict domain of sculpture to include design, architecture, video, photography, writing, etc. The Geneva biennial bears witness to the way in which art constantly reinvents itself in the light of contemporary challenges.
Parc des Eaux-Vives, Parc La Grange, Ile Rousseau, Plage des Eaux-Vives - Until 30 September
Contemporary Culture
Subtle distinctions and connections
© Luis Lourenço
Subtle distinctions and connections
Ceramics by Jacques Kaufmann temporary exhibition 

In the field of the arts, the past does not really pass. Forms are reactivated, re-emerge, reappropriate one anoother, come together again.

The disparities, connections, conjunctions, analogies, intervals between works allow us to perceive those things that might contribute to bringing about our long-term collective effort as humans to meet our fundamental spiritual needs. The endurance and movement of forms contradict the notion of progress in art.
Musée Barbier-Mueller - Until 2nd October
Formal Analogies