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The newsletter In Geneva In English presents cultural activities that can be enjoyed by English-speakers without any knowledge of French.

November 2017, issue #46


Fabienne Verdier, The Experience of Language

The Republic of Dictionaries (from Voltaire to Alain Rey)

The experience of language not only shows how Voltaire worked, composing several dictionaries throughout his lifetime, but also how the artist Fabienne Verdier and Alain Rey, the lexicographer, have gone about mapping a creative path running through the contents of the ‘Le Petit Robert’ dictionary around word associations.

This is an exhibition designed to be a laboratory where the visitor can trace the journey of thought and form.

3 November - 10 December 2017

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Geneva International Film Festival - GIFF

Geneva International Film Festival has been exploring the relationship between cinema, television, and new forms of digital creation since 1995, with a programme based on one simple idea: Authors are at the heart of audiovisual creation and their viewpoints are expressed through our screens.

3 - 11 November 2017

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Les Nuits du labyrinthe

A shared musical vision

The numerous musicians partaking in this festival all have a powerful experience in common: they are all linked to the Labyrinth Musical Workshop, a unique music lab founded over thirty years ago in a small Cretan village by Ross Daly.
2-12 November 2017

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Cyrano de Bergerac

By Edmond Rostand and directed by Jean Liermier

In what is sure to be a phenomenal show, the wonderful Gilles Privat dons the famous nose and lends his incredible talent to the most popular role in the history of theatre, against a backdrop concocted by formidable stage designer Rudy Sabounghi.

Tablets with english surtitles provided on 17, 22 and 24 November

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All fresh all funny!

The Renegade Saints are a well-oiled improv comedy machine, having performed together for nearly three years and playing to sold out audiences in their incredibly popular monthly shows in Geneva. Blending a range of backgrounds in typically Genevan international community style, the Saints continue to bring their patented wit and side-splittingly hilarious fast-paced improv style for your entertainment.

November 9th, 8pm

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