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A little about me; I’m a Field IT guy with little interest in technology (go figure). I would rather be in the bushes camping, lounging near a firepit than troubleshooting tech gear. I started running off and on in 2005 for stress management. Before then I was part of the Navy’s 3 mile a year club, running for fitness tests only. In 2012 I started running more regularly until 2015 when I injured my right hip due to over use (and no stretching). I did the doctor thing, for a while with no progress. Eventually I found my own method of recovery with some light strength training and stretches. In 2017 I was running pain free again, gearing up for my first Gate River Run. I found #workaddict(s) one day while I was wandering through Strava earlier this year.


1. What lead you to an active lifestyle? I first found running in 2005 and started using it as stress management. I didn't know anything about the races, shoes, clubs, and hydration, just that I could take 45 minutes and change my entire day. That would later change my life. I wasn't consistent with my running until 2012/2013. I struggled through a hip injury in 2015, then ramped up ever so slowly toward my first Gate River Run in 2018



2. What Goal accomplishment are you most proud of to date? I really don't know if 1 stands out. This year was a year of firsts. First Gate River Run, first 30K, first half marathon (BDR), first 1000-mile year. How about the ability to set goals and smash them?



3. What are your current goals and what WORK are you doing to CRUSH them? Currently, my biggest goal is to stay injury free in 2018. I’m training for my first marathon at the end of the month (Space Coast) and want to hit 1800 miles this year. What am I doing to accomplish these goals? I’m stretching before every run!! I Promise! Fueling properly and putting in miles. You get out of running what you put in. If you train for it. You can complete it!



4. What advice would you give yourself if you were a new #workaddict just starting your active lifestyle journeyIf I was a new addict

just starting... you’re in the right place to find your motivation and have a few laughs at the same time. You can achieve with this team of folks, whether your sweating on the same track, or motivating from afar. As for Your Journey? Aim small, miss small. Set goals for short, middle, and long range. Celebrate accordingly when you nail them!! You’re allowed to stumble on your journey, that’s where you learn. Adjust your goals accordingly and keep moving forward. Enjoy as much of the run as you can, even the first mile. You never know when you won’t be able to do it anymore.



Workaddict(s) Tallahassee Marathon/Half Marathon Training Group (Long run Sundays through race day February 3rd, 2019)


November 22nd workaddict(s) at GWTC's Turkey Trot 15K/10K/5K/1M

(Thanksgiving Day 2018- Tallahassee, FL


​​​Weekly Group Runs




 – Mondays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Fleet Feet Tallahassee (Midtown, Tallahassee); Sundays as posted in the group.



Group News

  • We are growing rapidly, and that is a good thing! Let's keep spreading the word of our "Do Work" lifestyle to all that may have interest in joining us. We can certainly support them on their way to CRUSHING their goals. And they don’t have to be local – we’ve got members all over the United States. WORK is everywhere!


  • Be sure to visit for any of your gear needs. We have a full inventory of the offered items. 



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