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The newsletter In Geneva In English presents cultural activities that can be enjoyed by English-speakers without any knowledge of French.

May 2017, issue #41


Fête de la danse

Fête de la danse is a few days to dance together in theaters, cultural centers and public spaces. From hip-hop to tango, contemporary dance to the waltz or folk dances, each to cook his favorite program!

5-7 May 2017

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© David Bourgeade

Nuit des Musées/Night of Museums

Happy Museum Night will start about 5pm (or 6pm depending of the institutions) to midnight and will propose tours, workshops, screenings and many more activities to bring public in the amazing world. On 21st of May, International Museums Day, visitors are welcome to take part in the rich array of free activities.

20-21 May 2017

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©Trivial Mass

Mapping Festival

The festival is now a major event in the fields of image generation, technological creation and exploration, attracting both professional and general audience. Working with several venues and open spaces in the city, it alternates audio-visual performances, installations, clubbing, architectural mapping, as well as workshops and conferences.

18-28 May 2017

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© Dimitri Delcourt


Week-end en fanfare

This weekend free concert offers an opportunity to discover many bands, choirs, fifes and drums, accordion societies which constitute an important part of the wealth of musical life in Geneva.

20-21 May 2017

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