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Dear Affiliated Companies, Dear Partners,


In principle, a pension fund is armed to face – against all odds – financial market upsets. Fondation Patrimonia has several tools at its disposal to deal with these vicissitudes, namely:

  • A strategic allocation, selected by the Board of Trustees, to provide long-term stability and to fully meet its pension commitments to its policyholders and pensioners. 
  • An investment regulation and guidelines that define the basis of the Foundation's investment policy.
  • Governance principles that ensure organisational stability. 
  • Technical provisions established by the BVG/LPP expert in anticipation of a loss or expense that has not yet occurred at the end of the financial year, but that current events make probable. 
  • The skills of each of its employees for providing quality service.
  • Managers responsible for compliance with the law as well as organisational values.


By acting with efficiency, agility, and dynamism, the Board of Trustees creates security through the identification and management of these risks. Knowledge of their short-, medium-, and long-term effects is also a guarantee of security.


What we have just experienced in 2022 is part of a pension fund’s long-term perspective. No worries, no danger, unwavering peace of mind.


Like the vast majority of Swiss pension funds, Fondation Patrimonia was not spared the financial market volatility in 2022, as Investments Manager, Samuel Fauche, lays out below in his insights on financial investments.


Taking a long-term view, the Board of Trustees has decided to maintain its prudent and diversified investment policy, while closely monitoring market developments. Fondation Patrimonia can fully meet its pension commitments to its insured members and pensioners and take advantage of the investment opportunities that are already emerging.


You can therefore rest assured that the Board of Trustees is doing its utmost to ensure that the insured persons benefit from a financially sound and attractive pension fund in the long term, by analysing and anticipating the cyclical nature of this situation with the BVG/LPP expert.

The entire Patrimonia team is on deck, using all its energy to bring peace of mind to its customers, service providers, companies, policyholders, and employees.


Happy reading and see you soon,


Sylvie Jaton, Managing Director




   Financial investments


As is often the case, few are those who had accurately predicted how the markets would perform in 2022. The consensus view was that there would be some – presumably temporary – upward pressure on prices, caused by a lively post-Covid economic recovery. 


However, the unexpected invasion of Ukraine and subsequent Western sanctions against Russia and the impact thereof – particularly on energy prices – muddied the waters, with inflation then reaching levels not seen for decades. With their backs against the wall, central banks were forced to tighten their monetary policies very quickly, making a clean break from the ultra-accommodating policies implemented during the pandemic.


In these circumstances, most investments performed disastrously: indeed, the rising interest rates and volatility that usually accompany major military conflicts weighed on bonds, equities, certain property assets, and commodities. On the bright side, the rise in interest rates pulled bonds out of the negative interest range, and these are once again offering decent returns. Regardless of whether you see the glass of water as half full or half empty, what is clear is that the glass is now filling up again...


As a result, Fondation Patrimonia's asset performance is likely to be largely negative in 2022. Nevertheless, at the time of writing, Patrimonia's balanced allocation is now better able than ever to cope with the prevailing uncertainty: it is built to cope with a multitude of scenarios, only one of which comes true. The long investment horizon will also allow us to benefit from expected long-term returns that are now much higher than they were at the end of last year.


Lastly, when deciding on how to look at glasses of water, let us not forget that higher interest rates reduce the pressure exerted on the financial balance of the pension funds by the other side of their balance sheets. In the long run, the valuation of the pension commitments should indeed decrease as rates rise, and Fondation Patrimonia is especially comfortable with the conservative valuation of its pension commitments.


Samuel Fauche, Investments Manager






Key figures as at 31.12.2022 (unaudited)

Enveloping conversion rate at statutory retirement age in 2023: 6.20% 





   Human Resources


The Fondation Patrimonia Board of Trustees is pleased to inform you of the following appointments:



Samuel Fauche, Head of Investments 


Mr Samuel Fauche, currently Investments Manager, is appointed as Deputy Director as of 1 January 2023.

After over 17 years’ experience in the field of investments for pension funds, Samuel Fauche joined Patrimonia in December 2020.


He has demonstrated strong leadership and management skills, while building relationships of trust, both internally and externally.  

His arrival at the helm will support Managing Director Sylvie Jaton, and Director Eddy Benvegnen in their operational management over the coming years, thus enabling them to devote themselves even more to Fondation Patrimonia’s strategy and development.

Tel: 058 806 08 03



Bastien Lüscher, Technical and Commercial Specialist, Customer and Partner Relations 


Mr Bastien Lüscher, currently Sales & Customer Relations Specialist, will be appointed Head of Customer Relations on 1 January 2023.

Bastien Lüscher has over 20 years' experience in the occupational benefits industry – particularly in brokerage – and has a keen sense of customer service. He will be able to skilfully promote our goal of being a trusted partner for our customers and partners.

Tel: 058 806 08 12


The management of Fondation Patrimonia wishes Mr Fauche and Mr Lüscher every success in their new roles, and is delighted to be able to count on them for the future development of Fondation Patrimonia.





   Human Resources


Our institution has been growing solidly for several years now. We are well aware of the importance of our level of service excellence, and this requires quality recruitment. In this regard, we are pleased to announce a number of new hires in 2022.

Ludovic Brau, Offers Manager

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Mr Ludovic Brau as Offer Manager as of 1 September 2022. 

A qualified actuary with 17 years' experience in the field of occupational pensions and brokerage, his arrival aims to strengthen our already-active team in order to respond efficiently and with quality to your requests for rate packages. This hire is also in line with our pension fund's desire to expand its competencies for customers and partners.

Jérôme Michallet, IT Manager

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Mr Jérôme Michallet as IT Manager as of 1 August 2022.

His extensive experience in both IT and accounting has enabled us to make significant progress with our IT portal, document digitisation, security, and data protection. 


We wish them a warm welcome!







Patrimonia is doing everything possible to make your life easier !


Discover our practical services that streamline our interactions in your WEB Customer Portal on 


The WEB Customer Portal allows you to quickly access your data and enjoy 100% secure online services designed to simplify your admin and the management of your BVG/LPP.


Let's take a look at the new features together !


Online current account statements


Current account statements will be available online from your WEB Customer Portal from January 2023. 


Simply log in to your customer account to generate an account statement for the desired period; to do so, go to the "Document Production" section. 


Accessible 24 hours a day on your secure extranet, Fondation Patrimonia offers you a service allowing you to see and download your account statements in PDF format, giving you greater visibility in your accounting and helping you optimise your future costs.


Secure, fast, and user-friendly: this new service is part of a rationale aiming to support companies in efficient and simplified accounting management.  


New presentation of contribution waivers in the event of incapacity for work


From January 2023 onwards, your Patrimonia invoices will look different: easier reading for policyholders who benefit from contribution waivers in the event of extended incapacity for work.  


Following each announcement of earning incapacity, you will be sent a document with an overview of the incapacity for work showing the period, rate, and contributions waived. The layout of your contribution invoice will be modified, and feature a special section for all earning incapacities currently being waived, and will include:

  • Details of contributions charged are shown by insured person, in asterisks, with the word "waived" in italics, for all insured persons benefiting from contribution waivers in the event of extended incapacity for work. 
  • A summary of the contributions waived for the period (at the end of the document).


The invoice page is presented in a clear and structured way, giving you an overview of all costs. 


Online pension certificates as of 1 January 2023


From January 2023 onwards, pension certificates will only be available online from the “WEB Insured” portal at   


We offer each insured member access to their "WEB Insured" portal:

  • Direct access to their occupational pension data  
  • Documents drawn up in their name for each transfer 
  • Pension certificate
  • Interactive communication support with the option of performing different simulations and securely consulting personal and sensitive information

When a new insured member joins, they receive a letter allowing them to create a personal and confidential login to their pension account.


A feature is at your disposal: through the Live WEB Employers and Live WEB Insured, notifications can be activated, enabling users to be informed, in real-time, of document publications. 


It is then up to them to create their pension account to access their personal documents.

If the affiliated company would like all of its employees to continue receiving paper certificates, it must contact its contract administrator in this regard.




Don't hesitate to ask us now for your 2024 rate package for renewals or new affiliations.


Contacts :

Ludovic Brau, Offer Manager

T +41 58 806 08 25


Catherine Gentina, New Business Manager
T +41 58 806 08 06







Live WEB Partners and Affiliated Companies

Online services are just a click away.

For partners and affiliates, direct confidential access to a dedicated portal.







Live WEB Insured


Personal information is just
a click away.


For policyholders, direct confidential access to a dedicated portal. The personal access information is sent to each policyholder with their insurance certificate.




André Eicher, Sales Manager
T +41 58 806 08 08 / M +41 79 216 50 99


The whole team at your disposal  

All managers remain at your disposal to answer your questions and to continue to manage your BVG/LPP.







Sylvie Jaton André Eicher Bastien Lüscher
Managing Director Sales Manager Customer Relationship Manager
T +41 58 806 08 01 T +41 58 806 08 08 T +41 58 806 08 12 
M +41 79 667 31 83 M +41 79 216 50 99









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