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June 2018


What's on at the MEG in April

What's on in at the MEG in June

In June, the MEG will plan some outdoor activities for its visitors, some of them resolutely extramural and unabashedly festive: the MEG Guinguette in its forecourt and a psych-funk all-night summer solstice party at La Gravière. But rest assured, you can still seek respite indoors from the blazing summer sun with the classic MEG activities, like the musical Baby Bazar and a creative workshop exploring traditional African beliefs in investing artefacts with spiritual power. Whether it’s crafting nkisi or tripping to Tuareg techno, June at the MEG looks like it’s going to be psychedelic!

June | Musée d'ethnographie de Genève

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 © Nicole Zermatten - Ville de Genève

Hodler – Parallelisms Exhibition

Hodler – Parallelisms | Exhibition


To mark the centenary of the death of the great Swiss modern artist Ferdinand Hodler, the Kunstmuseum Bern and the Museums of Art and History of Geneva – located in the cities of the artist’s birth  and death – join forces to pay him tribute with an exhibition on the theme of parallelism.  In a 1897 lecture, Hodler organized his vision of nature and of the world into large parallel lines. This visual and sensory experience inspired his compositions of mountains, clouds and forests, as well as women, men and groups of figures, etc. The exhibition highlights the connections Hodler established both within each piece and between the paintings themselves. Visitors are invited to share Hodler’s sense of wonder in the face of this natural order and experience his determination to transform a sensation into a powerful and sublime pictorial system. English-language audioguides are included in the exhibition ticket price.


11AM - 6PM (Closed Mondays)

Until 19.08 | Musée Rath

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© Musée d'art et d'histoire | Photo : B. Jacot-Descombes

"Goran Trbuljak – Retrospective Exhibition "

Goran Trbuljak – Retrospective | Exhibition

Croatian artist Goran Trbuljak has been active since the late 1960s among the pioneers of conceptual art in former Yugoslavia as a sort of sophisticated, amused raider of the art world, interested in sowing doubts and nurturing uncertainties regarding the art system rather than joining it and being a part of its norms. The exhibition in Geneva will feature highlights from all Trbuljak’s works of the last 50 years, encompassing paintings, frottages, monochromes and monograms, photographs, films, books and documentations of his street actions. These works underline the characteristics that distinguish Goran Trbuljak from other 1960’s and 70’s conceptual and performance artists. In the clinical rationality of his dematerialization of the work of art, Trbuljak touches his viewer’s inner chords through humour and irony.


11AM - 6PM (Closed Mondays)

Until 19.08  | Centre d'art Contemporain Genève

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© Centre d'art Contemporain Genève

"Les Athénéennes  Classical, jazz and creative music festival "

Les Athénéennes | Creative music festival

It’s Geneva’s tiniest music festival in terms of space – its three Old Town venues are a stone’s throw away from each other – but its programme packs 8 days full of world-class music and performances with some very big names (a song recital by French movie giant Gérard Depardieu – who knew?) and a lot of eclectic entertainment. We would suggest not missing Armenian jazz pianist Tigran Hamasyan (Wed. 6 June, 9:30PM Temple de la Madeleine), an evening of short films inspired by movie classics like David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and improvised music (Fri. 8 June, 9:30PM Alhambra) and British-Ghanaian vocalist Myles Sanko’s groovy soul tunes (Sat. 9 June, 9:30PM Alhambra). But Les Athénéennes has way more in store, as well as some very cool all-night parties for those who complain that weekends in Geneva are dead boring.


01.06 - 09.06 | Alhambra

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© Festival Les Athénéennes 2018

"Israel in Egypt Classical music "

Israel in Egypt | Classical music

This great biblical oratorio is like a prequel to The Ten Commandments. Although Handel had no idea, in 1739, what Cecil B. DeMille would much later make of Moses and Pharaoh’s rivalry, the Seven Plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea and so on, he did a fine job painting the most vivid musical representations of these iconic moments of the Book of Exodus. The main narrator of the work is the chorus, in thrilling scenes – a rain of fiery hail! – that lead to the exultant celebration of the people of Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt and the start of their journey to the Promised Land. With the Cercle Bach de Genève chorus and the Orchestre de chambre de Genève directed by Natacha Casagrande.



17.06 | Victoria Hall

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© F. Bevilacqua

DarkRise Dance

DarkRise | Dance

Geneva-based dancer Aurélien Dougé designs and performs this choreographic one-man-odyssey, bringing the dancer’s coruscating body out of the darkness and into the light. In the unequal struggle against human mortality and decay, the dancer’s only response is to offer his audience the beauty of movement and a unique sensory experience. In a fusion of baroque and avant-garde electro music created for Aurélien Dougé’s performance, the dancer invites us to witness the interior working of grace that transforms the finite human body into the sublime.



29.06 - 30.06 | Théâtre du Galpon

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© Inkörper Compagny


Fête de la Musique

Fête de la Musique | Event

You can call it Music Day, Make Music Day or even World Music Day, but it’ll always be the Fête de la Musique: part holiday, part festival, part street party, much more than a day, more often a whole weekend, dedicated to putting music everywhere and the concert nowhere. Since it began in Paris in 1982, this event has become Geneva’s most popular and easy-going moment of midsummer madness. With over 550 free performances of all styles happening between the Old Town and Parc des Bastions, the sound of music will be ringing for three days at the heart of our city!


22.06 - 24.06 | Geneva

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