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Pick of the month  | October 2018

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What's on in at the meg in october ?


This October, the MEG has quite a few outreach activities for visitors who don't speak or understand French. There is the monthly edition of Baby Bazar for musical munchkins, for instance. And if you still haven't seen the Africa: Religions of Ecstasy temporary exhibit, we suggest you pair your visit with a song and dance workshop with Banga devotees, a lively brass band that toots for Jesus or a great film about a spiritual journey in Ethiopia. Alternatively, you could just lie back in the MEG garden and trip to the mellow sounds of Alpenhorns...


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October - MEG

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Nuit des Bains


Art Galleries - Open House Event

Relax, it’s not bath night… The Rue des Bains in the Plainpalais district used to lead to river baths on the Arve. It now gives its name to the Quartier des Bains, Geneva’s neighbourhood with the highest density of contemporary art venues and galleries.  The Nuit des Bains began as an annual event where 18 businesses and institutions stayed open from 6 to 9PM, with thousands of art buyers, artists, art students and art aficionados milling around the various vernissages and openings put on for the occasion. It now happens four times a year, but the October edition keeps the magic of the original event’s date. It’s Geneva’s artsiest happy hour, don’t miss it!


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11 October - Quartier des Bains

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Comedy / Theatre Sports 

Celebrating theatre in all shapes, forms… and languages, the Fête du Théâtre is hosting two free English-language performances  at L’Abri, in the walls of the Old Town.  To get us all in the mood, the evening begins with The Renegade Saints, a well-oiled local comedy machine that will split our sides with their patented wit and hilarious fast-paced improv style. Later on, Geneva’s brightest band of amateur thespians, GEDS, presents three readings of one-act comedies written by GEDS members: absurdist comedy and classic farce proving that English-language theatre is alive and kicking in dreary old Geneva!


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13 October - L'Abri

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The Geneva English Drama Society (GEDS) presents Nick Dear’s stage adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic gothic horror novel Frankenstein. Written 202 years ago in Geneva, the story depicts the terrifying  confrontation between a man obsessed with his own quest for knowledge, and his creation, who did not ask to be created. On the shores of Lake Geneva in 1818, in a Europe still reeling from revolution and bloody conflict, a Europe in transition between superstition and science, Shelley’s collection of unforgettable characters guides us down an unrelenting path to the dark conflict between the mind and the heart at the core of modern society.


All Audiences

2 to 6 October - Théâtre de l'Espérance

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The Beggar’s Opera

Music Theatre

Italian opera is all the rage amongst London’s great and good in 1728. What better way to make fun of the governing class’ corruptions than to write a mock-opera?  The poet and satirist John Gay put together a cast of low-lives, thieves, pimps, panhandlers and whores , the music a motley collection of popular ballads with a smattering of fancy tunes, and hey presto!... The world’s first musical comedy was born, with characters like Macheath (“Mac the Knife”), Polly Peachum and Jenny Diver still up to no good in the 21st century. Robert Carsen and William Christie’s touring production of The Beggars’ Opera comes to the Opéra des Nations this October! 


All Audiences

3 October - Opéra des Nations

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I Am What I Am/Allison Bryan & Mark Dickman             


A native New Yorker, Allison Bryan has entertained on Geneva stages for over 20 years. A consummate cabaret entertainer and musical theatre actor, aided by Mark Dickman (currently Musical Director of the Hackney Empire Theatre in London), she takes the stage for an electric evening of song and stories shared in the intimate space of the Centre des Arts, shattering the fourth wall in a direct emotional conversation that will amuse, inform, dazzle and surprise the audience.


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17 October  - Centre des Arts, Ecole Internationale





What If They Went To Moscow


The Comédie de Genève is the latest local theatre to offer English surtitles on some of its shows. In this first season of the Comédie’s new management, Natacha Koutchoumov and Denis Maillefer are proudly displaying their love for the Russian theatre arts, in the broadest sense.  Christiane Jatahy is a theatre director from Rio de Janeiro with a raw, radical vision of a Russian classic, Chekov’s Three Sisters. She takes her audience – literally – from the theatre to the cinema. Have your sense of space and point of view challenged by the three sisters who dream of Moscow without ever going there.

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29 October to 3 November - Comédie de Genève



What's this about ?

Mechanical moves : the principle of least effort


Science Exhibition

How do you get a weight to move without exhausting yourself? Since ancient times, and even before that, humans have been using a range of techniques and schemes for moving, carrying or immobilizing heavy weights.  These are humanity’s  first “machines”.  In their most basic form, these “simple machines” can be divided into two types: those using an inclined plane, and those which use a lever.  Simple machines are part of our everyday lives although we don’t always notice them.  They make our lives easier, by operating or connecting many familiar objects.  Why not come with the kids to the History of Science Museum  and lift some weights to find out how simple machines work?


All Audiences, Families, Kids

17 October 2018 to 15 September 2019 
Musée d'histoire des Sciences

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Radical Light /Salva Sanchis


Salva Sanchis left his native Spain to study and work in Belgium with contemporary dance giant Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker and become a dancer and choreographer. His original physical theatre-influenced style has now become markedly more abstract and improvisation-led. Radical Light (2016) merges the energy of electro/techno club dancefloors into sixty minutes of immediate, rhythmical, in-your-face, uninterrupted, trance-like fusion of tempo and impulse. For five dancers.


All Audiences

5 to 7 October - adc - Salle des Eaux-Vives

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Purcell/Britten : Odes to Saint Cecilia

Classical Music

Saint Cecilia’s Day is November 22, but Cantatio and their leader John Duxbury are anticipating the festivities of the patron saint of musicians, and what a spread they are putting on for the occasion! True to their passion for English music, Cantatio have chosen two baroque Cecilian odes by Henry Purcell to open and close the programme, the second of which – Hail Bright Cecilia –  is an exquisite tapestry of musical moods celebrating  “the Patroness of Us and Harmony”. In between, A Hymn to St Cecilia, to words and music by two great 20th century English artists, poet WH Auden and composer Benjamin Britten, himself fittingly born on Saint Cecilia’s Day.


All Audiences

7 October - Victoria Hall

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Big Up’ Band

Brass Band / Jazz

The Geneva Brass Festival opens with the Big Up’ Band at the International School of Geneva’s beautiful Centre des Arts.  This local ensemble came together in 2015, to fill the need for a real big band in the Lake Geneva area. With young, energetic musicians trained in the local jazz schools of Lausanne, Geneva and Berne, at Boston’s Berklee College or at the Manhattan School of Music, Big Up’ Band is making quite a name for itself among jazz and big band fans in the area. Guaranteed to put you “In the Mood”…


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12 October - Centre des Arts, Ecole Internationale

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L’Harmonie Nautique: Jenkins, Bernstein, Respighi          

Wind Band / Classical Music

Founded in 1883, the Harmonie Nautique wind band was the reason why Daniel Barton, the British Consul in Geneva, paid for the construction of the grand concert hall where you can hear them perform this evening!  True to the wind band tradition of crossing over from great classical music to great pop music and back, the HN will fill the Victoria Hall tonight with the sounds of Welsh composer Karl Jenkins’s euphonium concerto, Respighi’s beloved symphonic poem The Pines of Rome and, in honour of centenary of the composer’s birth, three dance episodes from the great Leonard Bernstein’s musical On The Town.


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14 October - Victoria Hall

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